gaurav chopra

Gaurav Chopra

The Handsome and Cute Gaurav Chopra of MTV Splitsvilla Season 6 admits cheating on his girlfriend which lead to his break up. The relationship was going well for one year but then he started cheating on her. She came to know about it when she found some pictures and then started the fights but somehow it was solved to some extent and she forgave Gaurav.

She told Gaurav that this should now happen again in future. The relation went well for three years but then again pictures played a spoil spot. She saw some pictures of Gaurav in a party in which is was dancing closely with another girl. Again the fights started, Gaurav tried his best to convince her that he was loyal  to her but was not able to convince her to full extent.

Gaurav Chopra also thinks that he was the reason that the relation ended and she had to go abroad for further studies to get a break from Gaurav and to be able to get over him.